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  • Kraft Hard Anodised Inner Lid Pressure Cooker (Induction Friendly)

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    Kraft products are designed with our full understanding of the product’s use. Our design process draws on decades of experience in providing kitchenware that are both durable and elegant.

    The Kraft hard annodised inner lid pressure cooker maximizes cooking space and seals in the nutrients of your food, thus promoting healthier cooking. Hard anodised virgin aluminium prevents the surface from chipping or peeling it resists abrasion or corrosion and keeps the metal chemically stable; acidic food will never corrode the cooker. Ideal heat resistant handles are designed to conveniently fit the curve of your palm.

    It can be used on the gas stove and is induction cook tops. The cookers fusible safety valveĀ ensures a safe and secure cooking experience. Wave goodbye to long hours in the kitchen this product can be used to cook dal, rice, khichdi, vegetables and meat dishes in minutes.

    Brand Name: Vinod

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