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  • Double Black Label 1 L

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    The Whiskey Premium and intense Premium Scottish of Johnnie Walker offers a more smoked and robust version of the most own flavors of Johnnie Walker Black Label. Our mixers have selected Whiskies Malta Scottish aged and smoked naturally that grant a transcendent and embroilved character. By including other (Strong> Specially matured Malta-Strong Malta Whiskies for mixing in ancient barrels intensely charred, such as Cardhu, have conceived a whiskey in which the characteristic flavor of Johnnie Walker. Aromas of apple, pear and orange that add freshness, with creamy vanilla and spices that bring softness and sweetness to the palate. Walker Double Black is best enjoyed with water to unleash its complex brush strokes of hot spices and smoke. An exceptional mix to share on any occasion. The insurmountable gift since 1820.

    Brand Name: Johnnie Walker

    Volume: 1 L

    Type Scotch Premium Whiskey
    Manufacturer Diageo
    Country of origin  Scotland
    Introduced 1820: Grocery shop
    1865: Whisky blending
    Alcohol 40%
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